Montana Storytelling Roundup

A Gathering of the West's Best in Music and the Arts

Let Us Tell You a Story

April 15th, 2014



The Montana Storytelling Roundup is a week long marathon of music, literature and arts in Glacier County, on the doorstep of Glacier National Park. Our goal is to bring quality performers from a range of genres to every school in our county. Then on Friday and Saturday, April 25-26th, we will throw open the doors to the public and give attendees of all ages an opportunity to enjoy and interact with our artists.

The weekend event is held at Cut Bank High School, beginning at 7:00 pm on Friday and 10:30 am on Saturday. Tickets are $10 per session for adults, $5 for students, six and under are free. A weekend pass is $15 for adults.

See the full Friday schedule here.

See the full Saturday schedule here.

To meet this year’s artists, check out the roster in the upper left hand corner. Click on a name and go to that artist’s personal page for an introduction to their music, art, books or performances.  A sampling of their work is shown below:

 Cat Creek Cat Creek by Scott Kirby





Dirt, the latest album from Jared Rogerson.








By Ellen Baumler

Meet the colorful cast of the famous and infamous desperadoes, vigilantes, madams, and darned good men and women (and a few critters) who made the Montana’s history.









Alaina Claiborne_3-D_new



Alaina Claiborne by MK McClintock

Book One of the British Agent Novels

​How far would you go to avenge your family and save the one you love?














Grace and Beauty:  Ragtime Classics by Scott Kirby









Farm pond

 The Farm Pond - by Tim Joyner



‘An old saying, perhaps from Grampa’s horde of proverbs, slipped into Jacob’s mind…“Woe to the unfortunate one who strays into the realm of a giant. Few have lived to tell the tale.”’ -from Jacob and the Giant by James Sticka